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Food Marketing

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Waitrose plans to land new concept at Gatwick

July 29, 2014

Waitrose is set to revolutionise post holiday food shopping if its latest airport click and collect plan takes off.

According to a story in the Crawley News, the upmarket supermarket has applied for planning permission to install food lockers at the long stay car park at Gatwick’s South Terminal.

If council bosses agree, holidaymakers will be able to pre-order their groceries and unpack the shopping with the holiday suitcase.

It’s a thumbs up from us. But we’ll have to wait until 22 August to see if Waitrose can land this idea with planning bosses.


July 22, 2014

With millions of brands in the food and drink industry using the internet as a soap box for their marketing strategies, digital measurement has never be so important. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths in the online marketing arena…

Myth #1: TV and online video follow the same rules

Myth #2: Just having a presence online is enough to drive brand impact

Myth #3: Click-through rates will tell me if my online campaign is a success

Myth #4: Everyone interacts online

Myth #5: Creative strength is less important online

Myth #6: Consumers will automatically view and share my content if I put it online

Read the full article for tips on how to avoid these industry potholes:

Tasty gaming

July 10, 2014

Wrigley-owned Skittles has teamed up with Microsoft Xbox for a second time, offering consumers the chance to win Xbox prizes with an on-pack promotion. A unique code will feature on packs across the Skittles range, which consumers can submit via the Skittles website to find out if they have won a prize.

The four week promotion will receive a marketing boost in the shape of a £3 million integrated campaign, launching on Monday 28 July.

The last few years has seen some epic partnerships between big brands (such as Coca Cola and Menthos) so the latest duo on the scene has a lot of work to do – fingers crossed!


July 4, 2014

Picture this. Your friend recommends this quirky little bar, two doors down from your local post office. You type your search into Google and 1,392 results appear. Let the scrolling commence…

The good news? The end may be in sight for you and that quirky little bar which desperately wants to be found. Mexican-based Punto2012 has created two new domains – ‘.rest’ and ‘.bar’ – in a recent bid to increase online visibility for restaurants, bars and other out of home operators. The customised domain names can be used to boost search engine optimisation (SEO), which means these businesses will rank higher in online searches.


Parody with a bite

June 27, 2014

It’s been three days since the World Cup’s Uraguay v Italy match in which Luis Suarez  bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. How time flies when you’re busy flicking through hundreds of Suarez parody videos and images, eh?

Some of our favourites includes Suarez as Jaws, a member of the Twilight saga and Hannibal ‘the cannibal’ Lector. But, our favourite had to be Ragu’s ‘For that authentic Italian taste…’ ad shown above.

Bravo, Ragu. Bravo.

Coffee with a side helping of cat

May 16, 2014

Who wants to eat lunch while fending off multiple felines?

Well, it seems lots of people can’t get enough of this concept. Cat cafés look set to enter the mainstream with new venues opening in Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, Budapest and London, along with around 80 in Japan, where the phenomenon began.

In London, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which opened in March in Shoreditch, is proving as hard to get into as some Michelin Star restaurants. It’s swiftly built up a two-month customer waiting list. The café – which raised more than £100,000 for its launch via crowd-funding websites – has 12 cats, donated by people who moved overseas and couldn’t take their pets with them.  Fortunately, those who can’t bear to wait two months for a table can catch all the action via the café’s live webcam.

Take a look here…


Halal in the headlines

May 9, 2014

With reports in the media that supermarkets and restaurants are selling Halal meat without making it clear to their customers, the debate over transparent labelling of food is set to continue as millions of us are left in the dark about what we’re eating.The controversy was sparked by a report in The Sun about Pizza Express ‘secretly’ serving only Halal chicken. But the question remains, whose responsibility is it to make sure consumers are informed?

DEFRA told the Huffington Post: “It’s for stores and operators to decide in the first instance”.  David Cameron refused to comment on the issue, however his deputy was happy to say he thinks it’s a question of labelling which should be more informative.

What we do know is nobody wants to take responsibility, what we don’t is what’s in our food.


Clean plates all round

April 17, 2014

A new café in Leeds that uses unused ingredients from restaurants and leftover food from supermarkets to create the dishes for its menu, has recently opened its doors to the public. Those involved in the café believe it will help save over a tonne of food waste each year; the Real Junkfood Project could be the start of something big.

An army of volunteers collects the unwanted food and turns it into tasty meals. The menu varies each day, depending on what’s been donated, but dishes normally include meat, vegetarian, sandwiches and if you’re lucky a scrummy dessert!  Truffles, a kilo of smoked salmon and even caviar has been some of the more surprising donations to feature on the menu.

Customers get to pay what they feel the meal was worth. So projects like this really do create a feel good factor all round. They offer great value for money and a chance to help fight the growing problem of food waste at the same time.

Look out for a junkfood café in your area – or you could always start your own!

The cronut craze soon available at a Dum Dum near you

March 19, 2014

The Cronut, which looks like a cross between a doughnut and a croissant, has become a near-global sensation since its creator Dominique Ansel debuted it at his New York City pastry shop last May. With people increasingly on the look out for healthier sweet alternatives, Dum Dum Donutterie, the new British Artisan brand, had people queuing up to try its unique low fat doughnuts.

Dum Dum has brought the Cronut craze to the UK by introducing freshly baked (not fried) doughnuts. The popular Dum Dum raspberry preserve doughnut has only 6 grams of fat compared to the traditional 17 grams of fat in a classic jam donut. Following their exceptional success at Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre during 2013, Dum Dum Doughnuts is ready to take London by storm launching its first Dounutterie in Box Park, Shoreditch.

If you’re going to indulge, give the Cronut a try.


Solved! The riddle of customer loyalty…

March 3, 2014


Jan-Pieter Lips, EMEA president at Aimia – the company behind Nectar – has recently spilled the beans about the key to customer loyalty. As the battle to retain customers rages on between the big supermarkets in particular, her advice couldn’t have come at a better time.

Data – more specifically, what you do with it – is the answer to customer loyalty that the big names have been searching for, according to Jan-Pieter. Forget discounting, freebies and other short term tactics in favour of a long term strategy based on the data held through current loyalty schemes. Jan-Pieter says the big four need to turn their meaningless data into a personalised customer experience – she’s thinking free cakes on birthdays and flowers on anniversaries. Sounds great to us!