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Food Marketing

You can scroll the shelf using and keys


July 22, 2014

With millions of brands in the food and drink industry using the internet as a soap box for their marketing strategies, digital measurement has never be so important. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths in the online marketing arena…

Myth #1: TV and online video follow the same rules

Myth #2: Just having a presence online is enough to drive brand impact

Myth #3: Click-through rates will tell me if my online campaign is a success

Myth #4: Everyone interacts online

Myth #5: Creative strength is less important online

Myth #6: Consumers will automatically view and share my content if I put it online

Read the full article for tips on how to avoid these industry potholes:

Tasty gaming

July 10, 2014

Wrigley-owned Skittles has teamed up with Microsoft Xbox for a second time, offering consumers the chance to win Xbox prizes with an on-pack promotion. A unique code will feature on packs across the Skittles range, which consumers can submit via the Skittles website to find out if they have won a prize.

The four week promotion will receive a marketing boost in the shape of a £3 million integrated campaign, launching on Monday 28 July.

The last few years has seen some epic partnerships between big brands (such as Coca Cola and Menthos) so the latest duo on the scene has a lot of work to do – fingers crossed!

Parody with a bite

June 27, 2014

It’s been three days since the World Cup’s Uraguay v Italy match in which Luis Suarez  bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. How time flies when you’re busy flicking through hundreds of Suarez parody videos and images, eh?

Some of our favourites includes Suarez as Jaws, a member of the Twilight saga and Hannibal ‘the cannibal’ Lector. But, our favourite had to be Ragu’s ‘For that authentic Italian taste…’ ad shown above.

Bravo, Ragu. Bravo.

Solved! The riddle of customer loyalty…

March 3, 2014


Jan-Pieter Lips, EMEA president at Aimia – the company behind Nectar – has recently spilled the beans about the key to customer loyalty. As the battle to retain customers rages on between the big supermarkets in particular, her advice couldn’t have come at a better time.

Data – more specifically, what you do with it – is the answer to customer loyalty that the big names have been searching for, according to Jan-Pieter. Forget discounting, freebies and other short term tactics in favour of a long term strategy based on the data held through current loyalty schemes. Jan-Pieter says the big four need to turn their meaningless data into a personalised customer experience – she’s thinking free cakes on birthdays and flowers on anniversaries. Sounds great to us!

Happy Birthday Nutella!

February 20, 2014

Famous chocolate spread brand Nutella has launched its first ever global marketing campaign to mark its 50th birthday. Its TV and online campaign will say ‘thank you’ to fans across the world for decades of support.

All fans are being asked to send in their Nutella stories as a text, photo or video to The brand has thrown in a tasty incentive too – everyone who submits a story will receive a 400g jar of Nutella with a personalised name label.

Loyalty never tasted so good…

Woo your Valentine with M&Ms this year

February 14, 2014


Forget lingerie, cards and flowers – if you’re struggling to find the words to express your love this Valentine’s Day, M&Ms can help.

The chocolate brand has taken personalised chocolate to a new level, allowing customers to choose their own M&M colour scheme and to print images of their beloved on the little round sweets.

Prices start at £2.67 and there’s also a fun range of add-ons available to customers including text and clipart.

Who said romance was dead, eh?

Pay for the seat, not your coffee

January 14, 2014


Pay-per-minute cafés may sound out of the ordinary to your average Brit, but they’ve become a regular – and hugely successful – occurrence on the Russian high street. Ziferblat, the first UK branch of a popular pay-per-minute Russian chain, has just opened in London where “everything is free inside except the time you spend there”. For 3p a minute, guests can dig in to complimentary snacks, prepare their own food in the kitchen and grab a coffee from the professional machine or on-hand barista. At £1.80 per person per hour, it’s a wonder that the concept makes a profit – watch this space to see whether the idea catches on with UK coffee lovers…

Take a look here…

Is your coffee travelling fast enough?

December 11, 2013

It’s official, you can now buy your corporate coffee-hit and train ticket in one swift transaction. Starbucks has teamed up with Swiss railway company SSB to create the world’s first Starbucks café on a train.

Two former restaurant cars, on the service running between Geneva and St. Gallen in Switzerland, have been redesigned by the coffee giant and SSB engineers. Customers can grab a quick coffee to takeaway on the lower deck or opt for a more luxurious table service experience on the upper deck.

When will this idea catch on in the UK, we wonder?

Glowing results

November 22, 2013

Just when you thought every flavour of ice cream was already covered, Charlie Harry Francis invents the world’s first ‘glow in the dark’ ice cream!

Francis, the founder of Lick Me I’m Delicious, says the product was helped along by a Chinese scientist, who found a way of harnessing the luminescence of jellyfish protein.

The synthesised jellyfish protein which makes the ice cream ‘glow’ is activated by calcium and agitation – which in layman’s terms means “when-you-lick-it” We think this is a very tasty marketing angle – bravo!

Cadbury to launch first Christmas advert

October 29, 2013

Despite nearly 200 years as a household favourite, astonishingly Cadbury has never had a Christmas advertising campaign – until this year. Building on an ‘Unwrapping Joy’ theme, Cadbury has wrapped an entire street of terraced houses to look like presents, using material in its iconic purple.

Filming in London started this week, but Cadbury bosses are keeping release dates and the advert’s finer details under wraps. Keep your eyes on prime-time TV ad breaks over the coming weeks!